Pastor with a Pistol

A Texas Pastor had a different kind of holy trinity backing him up when two teenagers broke in to his church–God, Smith and Wesson.
Pastor James Mcabee is not afraid to admitting that he carries a pistol on him at all times, after all he has his concealed carry license. He owns it for protection but he never thought he would have to brandish his firearm at church. After preaching Sunday morning at the Lighthouse Worship Center in Beaumont. McAbee was driving home saw two teens breaking into his church’s youth center. The pastor immediately called police and he then raced back to his church, but instead of waiting for authorities, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Pastor McAbee says, “I went in with my own pistol and held them at gunpoint until the cops got here. I had them down on their knees and one of them reached in their pocket and told me that he had a gun. I said ‘sir if you pull the gun, I’m going to have to shoot you.'” Luckily the teen was not armed and police were able to arrest the pair without any problem.


I love the quote “sir if you pull the gun, I’m going to have to shoot you.”

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