Will Obama mention gun control in his State of the Union?

Now that Dick Cheney has opened the door to tighter gun restrictions, will President Barack Obama do the same?

That politically dicey question is playing out behind the scenes in the run-up to next week’s State of the Union. In the aftermath of the Tucson shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and federal Judge John Roll, gun control groups and some Democratic members of Congress are pushing to get the president to directly address the issue of gun violence in his speech to Congress next Tuesday, according to gun control advocates and congressional aides, who asked for anonymity.

Some Democratic party donors are also being urged to weigh in as part of a quiet lobbying effort to prod the president to finally speak out on an issue that he has studiously avoided since taking office, the advocates say.

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Bans on magazines with capacity greater than 10 are not the issue here. The issue is that a crazy man shot several people in Tuscon, Arizona.

A ban on such magazines would only make criminals out of millions of law abiding gun owners. Reloads can be accomplished very quickly. For example, Travis Tomasie is able to perform a reload in under a second. In the following video Travis is able to fire 18 rounds and perform 2 reloads (6 rounds per magazine, 3 magazines) in a mere 7 seconds.