Marine Battles Homeowners Association Over Flag Pole

A Marine says his neighborhood’s homeowners association is suing him because of a flag pole on his property.

“They’re suing me, for $200 a day and lawyers fees and everything,” Michael Merola said.

Merola said he went through the proper channels to ask for permission to put up a 20-foot flag pole, but permission was denied. The HOA told him he was welcome to attach a small flag pole to his house.

An attorney representing the Lakeland Village Community Association said homeowners are encouraged to display American flags, if they want to, but that freestanding flag poles are just not allowed.

Merola said the homeowners association is going too far and has hired his own lawyers.

“Being a marine, this is a battle I’m willing to fight,” Merola said.

His lawyers said the HOA is violating the Freedom to Fly the American Flag Act of 2005. His lawyers are also Marines, and they are doing the legal work for free.

“I just feel the liberties and things are being chipped away at,” Merola said. “By flying this flag, it shows my respect and honor to this country for those of us who have served before.”


I salute you for standing up to the HOA, Mr. Merola!

2 thoughts on “Marine Battles Homeowners Association Over Flag Pole

  1. Mr, Merola,
    First I want to send a heartfelt and huge shout out and thank you for your service to this country. There is no more honorable and respectful way to serve this great nation that was founded on freedom than to serve in the military.

    That goes triple for the Marines. Marines are always the first in and have to endure the hardest battles for freedom for our country.

    I would only hope that you would keep this whole battle civil and respectful though. That HOA had the freedom to set a list of rules up and nobody forced you to agree with the rules and sign your name to them and move into that neighborhood.

    A fight like this can be argued both ways but I have to say that the HOA does have the high ground here. I know a marine has no problems fighting uphill or any other way and I have no association with any HOA but an agreement is an agreement and we are all honor bound to hold up our end of a bargain.

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