In Nebraska, a proposal to arm teachers

A Nebraska lawmaker wants teachers to be able to carry concealed guns in school.

The proposal follows a recent shooting in which an Omaha high school senior killed an assistant principal and wounded a principal before killing himself.

Each school district would set its own policy, with a two-thirds majority vote of the school board required to allow the weapons. Teachers or administrators would have to get a concealed handgun permit, which requires some training.

“If you have a kid come in to shoot a teacher … or other kids, it’s best to have somebody that can take care of the situation,” says Nebraska State Sen. Mark Christensen, who submitted the legislation Tuesday. Allowing concealed weapons would also serve as a deterrent, he says.

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I, for one, feel that this is a GREAT idea. I’d like to get rid of all the gun free zones where CHL holders are not permitted to carry a firearm.

One thought on “In Nebraska, a proposal to arm teachers

  1. This is definitely a good idea. If a teacher wants to carry, they should be allowed to do so. Any law which opens up carry one-step toward constitutional without restriction is good in my book.

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