Unusual Guns

Key-wind Coin Silver Pocket Watch Gun

  • Caliber: 3mm
  • Breechblock and mechanism replace the normal watch workings. White enamel face with Roman numerals. Dummy hands, raised crystal. Push-button trigger. Chain ring on top.






Single-Shot Percussion Whip Pistol

  • Caliber: .52
  • 9 1/2-inch braided leather-covered barrel with brass frame and underhammer action. Folding trigger. Brass escutcheon on grip with coat-of-arms and legend. Gun with braided whip attached, measuring 136 inches. One-piece walnut grip.


Zippo Lighter Gun

  • Caliber: 4mm
  • Zippo brand lighter, the firing mechanism disguised as a normal lighter, the barrel occupying the place of the wick, the flint striking wheel acting as the trigger.

Padlock Alarm Gun

  • Caliber: .38
  • The brass padlock alarm gun with complicated lock mechanism that fires the gun by the depressing of the hasp. Two keys included for operation of gun.






T-12 Espionage or Survival Gun

  • Caliber: .12
  • Simple bolt action single-shot barrel gun, reputed to be designed for easy concealment for assassination or suicide use by government agents. Contained in hollow wooden block together with two cartridges. White label on front reading: .12/Cal./ Colt/T-12/U.S. Property.





Japanese Single-Shot Percussion Ladle or Ink Pot Gun

  • Caliber: .36
  • 9 1/2-inch bronze barrel disguised as handle of ladle. Hinged sheet brass breech and hammer cover designed to disguise mechanism. External trigger and ferrule with hole for attaching a firing string. Bronze alloy cup engraved with dragon motifs. Threaded barrel plug with cleaning rod attached. Overall length: 14 1/2-inches.








Pill-Detonated Pocket Combination Pen Knife/Pistol

  • Caliber: 4mm
  • 1 1/4-inch barrel. Brass frame with assorted blades and tools, including: fingernail blade, earscoop, tweezers. Folding trigger. Brass lanyard ring. Internal mechanism accessible by removable side plate. Overall length: 3 1/4-inches.





Brass Jailer’s Key Single-Shot Percussion Pistol

  • Caliber: .22
  • Large solid brass jailer’s key pistol, 3-inch screwbarrel disguised as part of the key shaft. Pistol fired by pulling on ball finial which is spring-loaded to fire the gun. Large lanyard ring. Length: 8 1/4-inches.




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