December 7, 1941

In memory of the 2,403 Americans who lost their lives on that Day of Infamy.

Torpedoes strike the battleships Oklahoma and West Virginia in the opening moments of the attack.

'Battleship Row' under attack. Tracks from several torpedoes and large pools of fuel oil from the stricken West Virginia, Oklahoma, and California can be clearly seen.

The destroyers Cassin and Downes lay in ruins in their drydock. The battleship Pennsylvania is directly behind.

The forward magazines of the destroyer Shaw erupt in a massive explosion.

The light cruiser Phoenix steams past the burning 'Battleship Row' as she makes her escape from the harbor.

Wrecked and damaged aircraft litter the Ford Island Naval Air Station. The destroyer Shaw has just exploded in the background.

The battleship Nevada, afire and down by the bow after being beached near Hospital Point. She was the only battleship to get under way during the attack.

Heavy smoke from burning fuel oil and the Arizona engulf the West Virginia and Tennessee (moored inboard).

A view of the capsized Oklahoma at her berth. Behind her is Maryland. Just visible through the smoke are West Virginia and Arizona.

Arizona burns furiously following the explosion of her forward magazine. Nearly half of those killed during the attack died on board Arizona.