Win Free Ammo for a Year

GunUp will be giving one lucky person free ammunition for a year. The winner will receive $50 of ammunition a week for 52 weeks.

Details of the contest from GunUp:

We are excited to be launching a number of new features including “GunUp Experts.” GunUp Experts is a feature that will recognized community recognized users as subject matter experts. Members will be awarded points based off of contribution, influence, and moderation.

Earning points is as simple as pushing a button.

The community will have an opportunity to weigh in as well to ensure our experts are vetted by the community.

The Top 100 GunUp Members with the most points at the end of contest will win prizes.

The member who gets the most points by the end of December 15th will win the Grand prize of “Free Ammo for a Year.”

The next 24 members with the most points will win GunUp belt buckles and T-Shirts (sure to be collectible items)

Members with point rankings from 26 to 100 will win GunUp T-Shirts (don’t worry we have sizes ranging from XS – 2XL).

Head on over to GunUp and start earning points…

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