Texas State endorses concealed carry

Texas State University has become the first college in the state to endorse carrying concealed handguns on campus.

After students and faculty shared their views on the issue during a forum the week before, the Associated Student Government at the university voted Monday to endorse legalizing carrying licensed concealed handguns on Texas college campuses.

“This is something you never would have seen two years ago, when most people still believed that legalizing campus carry would somehow enable drunk kids to carry guns at keg parties,” said W. Scott Lewis, Texas legislative director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus . “The students at Texas State should be commended for educating themselves on a complex issue that has been completely misrepresented by gun control activists and certain elements of the mainstream media.”

The endorsement from the sixth-largest university – with more than 32,500 students – in the state came by a vote of 24-10, becoming the first postsecondary institution in Texas to pass a resolution endorsing what’s known as “campus carry.”

This comes less than two weeks after the Texas State University newspaper, The University Star , became the first student newspaper in Texas to publicly endorse campus carry.

The passage of a campus carry bill during the 2011 Texas legislative session would amend state law so that people over 21 years old who have undergone the training, testing and extensive background checks required to obtain a state-issued concealed handgun license would also be allowed to carry concealed handguns at state colleges.

Under the amended law, concealed carry would be regulated on college campuses in the same way it is currently regulated in churches, movie theaters, shopping malls, office buildings, grocery stores, restaurants, banks and even the Texas Capitol – which basically means as long as they have the correct permit, people will be allowed to carry their concealed handguns.

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I have to say that I’m proud of my alma mater for supporting second amendment rights.

The Evolution of the M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round

I was contacted by the Picatinny Arsenal Public Affairs Office (US Army) with some great information about the new M855A1 round.

I’d love to get some M855A1 for field testing, evaluation, and reviewing purposes…

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Lawsuit filed to change age for gun buy

A West Texas teenager is challenging the federal age limit for buying handguns.

The lawsuit would lower the age limit for a concealed handgun license from 21 to 18. The National Rifle Association is supporting this lawsuit, but other gun owners have their reservations.

The Brady Center to prevent gun violence is against changing the law, saying it would be a threat to public safety. The NRA said if people are old enough to go to war, they should be old enough to buy a handgun.

It’s a debate that will now be argued in a courtroom.


ATF attempting to reclassify small arms ammunition without public input

David Codrea brings to light plans by the ATF to reclassify ammunition over .50 caliber as explosives. Something to watch out for is the fact that shotgun shells are not excluded from the plans. A standard 12ga shotgun shell is .72 caliber…

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