Apartment Complex Says No To Show Of Patriotism

It’s patriotism versus policy at a Bellevue apartment complex in a fight over the American flag.

A woman, whose husband is in the Navy, shows her patriotism by hanging an American flag in her apartment window, but the apartment complex wants her to take it down.

“This was a simple, easy way to show our pride, and I don’t think anybody would disagree that a little bit of American pride isn’t going to hurt anybody,” Briana Simonson-Rubenstein said.

Simonson-Rubenstein found out somebody had a problem with her regulation-size, 3-by-5 foot flag.

In the two weeks it has been up, Simonson-Rubenstein said she got two letters — on the same day –from apartment management reminding her to keep her balcony and windows clear. The letters said Simonson-Rubenstein’s flag was a distraction, based on apartment policy.

“I think it’s disgraceful to call an American flag a distraction,” Simonson-Rubenstein said.

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