Range Time

Took the wife out shooting recently. Let her have the opportunity to fire the Ruger Mk III (22), the Walther P22 (22), the Bersa Thunder (380) and the Beretta 92FS (9mm).

She’d had an introduction to the Bersa and Beretta at least in function (not in live fire exercises). We worked with them at the house with the laser trainers (both LaserLyte and Laser Ammo) so she could get used to the function, the trigger, sight picture, etc.

I thought she’d like the Bersa the best since it has minimal recoil (because it is based on the Walther PPK), and the fact that it fit her hands extremely well. But that wasn’t the case. Her favorite gun of the day was the Beretta, even with the 124gr NATO ammunition. I thought that due to her smaller hands that she would have a hard time gripping the Beretta properly, but not so.


We had a good time. She did really well with the guns, and kept all her shots on the paper target at distances of 3 and 7 yards. There were a few that came close to going off the paper, but they did all stay on the target.

I was able to get ragged hole groupings (in the throat, and on the left side of the target, both circled in red) at 7 yards — the ragged holes are both from a total of 15 shots each. In the lower left corner is a little grouping of shots (circled in blue) from the Ruger. That was 20 rounds that I fired at 7 yards (but there aren’t 20 holes — many hit the same holes). Circled in green up a top is a ragged hole I got from a 7 round group through the Bersa at 7 yards.


She’s excited to go out shooting again when it cools down a bit. I usually shoot at a buddy’s place, outdoors. But it’s been 105° – 109° with high humidity, so it’s been hotter than a bastard. I don’t really mind it. I mean, I do, but I can manage. But I wanted her to have an enjoyable time so we went to the indoor range. It’s loud there (there are rifle bays as well as pistol), and while it’s not as hot as outside, it is warm in there. In another month or so it’ll have cooled down enough that I can take her to my friend’s place so we can shoot outdoors at our leisure.