Mexican Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agents

The FBI is investigating after armed men shot at border patrol agents on the Rio Grande.

A Border Patrol Spokesperson tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS agents chased a vehicle to the river’s edge near Anzalduas Park this morning.

The driver swam to Mexico leaving behind his vehicle loaded with drugs. As agents were removing over a thousand pounds of marijuana armed men in Mexico began shooting at agents patrolling on boats.

The agents returned fire several times forcing the gunmen in Mexico to flee. No injuries were reported.


Cases like this are reasons that the border situation needs to be addressed. Not with telling US citizens to stay away from portions of the border because they are too dangerous, but with real action.

One thought on “Mexican Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agents

  1. Most of the media sources I saw gave the headline as
    “Border Patrol fires into Mexico”

    In the story – they mentioned the agents were returning fire but every effort was made to cast the border agents as the aggressors.

    Guess this is why I rarely watch national news and don’t get the paper any more.

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