Mako UTA


UTA (Universal Tactical Attachment) is a user installed, tactical force multiplier: It enables a trooper armed with a long firearm (assault rifle, shotgun or SMG) and a Glock pistol to mount the pistol under the long firearm, thereby creating a unified, tactically enhanced, dual weapon system.
The long firearm should be fitted with a standard Picatinny rail and the slide cover plate of the pistol should be replaced. This minor modification will not affect the functionality of the pistol in any way.


Not sure I get the point of this, but if you’re in to this sort of thing have a look at the manufacturer’s page at

2 thoughts on “Mako UTA

  1. Glad I’m not the only one to miss the point of this.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to do a magazine exchange or to drop the rifle and transition to the pistol?

    I don’t see the advantage of having a pistol sticking out on the end of a rifle.

  2. This question has been asked before, but it’s still worth bringing up:

    Technically, would this count as attaching a buttstock to a handgun and creating a SBR?

    And by \technically\ I mean \in the eyes of an ATF agent looking to make a bust\.

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