Jamie Lunsford vs Iron Mountain

Seems to me like Iron Mountain is in the wrong, as state law allows for Lunsford to keep her gun in the car. Something to watch out for, especially for the folks of Georgia.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Lunsford vs Iron Mountain

  1. Technically speaking, I think Lunsford is in the wrong…

    Before I get flamed, let me say that I fervently hope that she wins and I am agiating for a similar law here (Texas). I have a friend in the state legislature and I’m leaning on him heavily to get something like Georgia’s law (with improvements) passed.

    That said, here is where she is wrong:

    Georgia law allows her to carry her firearm into a company parking lot. It does not allow her to carry a firearm while using her vehicle for company business. This is a (gaping) hole in Georgia’s law. But a hole it is, and I think it might be enough for the company to escape liability.

    There are Texas versions of this law that have been introduced. I intend to do everything I can to plug this hole before our Texas bill comes to a vote. My company too has a horsesh!t anyi-gun policy.

  2. Yes a gap that Ms. Lunsford should NOT have to pay for. If the company does not want or allow their employees carrying a firearm while conducting business, then Iron Mountain should provide their employees with proper transportation….so, the employees will not have to operate their own vehicle.

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