Gunny R. Lee Ermey takes the scene at NPSC

The door to headquarters swings open with a “Oooh Raah! Semper Fi! Carry On!” That can only mean one thing — the Gunny has arrived.

That’s right, Gunny R. Lee Ermey is here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the National Police Shooting Champions. He’s made trip to New Mexico so often that it’s practically an annual event.

“We love having Gunny come out to spend time with our shooters,” said Glen Hoyer, Director of NRA’s Law Enforcement Division. “He’s been a fantastic supporter and delivers the one-liners like no one else can.”

After a tour of vendors hall, he’ll make is way out to the scoring tents and the shooting line. All the time stopping for pictures and questions and more. We just hope that they can keep things quite on the range visit. Odds are competitors will be paying more attention to the Gunny then they will to their targets.


Gotta love the Gunny. He’s a man I’d really like the opportunity to meet and shake hands with.