Feds Convict Texan for Selling a Gun to Illegal Alien With Texas Driver’s License

In a trial before Federal Judge Sam Sparks, government lawyers conceded Texas resident Paul Copeland did not know his buyer was an illegal alien, but the jury they should convict him anyway because he “had reasonable cause to believe” he was selling to an illegal alien because the two men and a boy who were present at his table at the time of the sale: 1) were Hispanic, 2) spoke Spanish, and 3) wore cowboy clothing. And the jury did as asked. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Freel acted as lead prosecutor in the case.

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I hadn’t heard about this until today. Now I know why the Austin gun show has been canceled… I wonder why Leonel Huerta hasn’t been deported. I guess that to prevent yourself from getting in to this sort of trouble while privately selling firearms, it would be best to not only see the Texas driver’s license but also the Texas CHL as well. But neither of those seem like they would have helped Mr. Copeland because it seems as though he was set up from the get go.