Win 1000 rounds of .380 ACP Ammo from Lucky Gunner

Steve, over at The Firearm Blog, is running an ammo contest for Lucky Gunner. The winner will receive 1000 rounds of .380 ACP (Military Ballistics Industries 95 gr FMJ).

I haven’t been shopping for .380 ACP as much lately, but it was extremely scarce in the past couple of years. I couldn’t find any in the store, so I put in a bulk order from Cabela’s, figuring I’d have better luck that route. Not so. Ten months later, Cabela’s finally has enough stock to fill my order! I got out of the habit of shooting my Bersa Thunder 380, and even though I have ammo for it, I haven’t been shooting it near as much as I used to. The Lucky Gunner contest could be just what I need to stock up the safe so I can feel comfortable about getting out to the range with the Bersa more often.