Vietnam Veteran in Florida Reportedly Told to Remove U.S. Flag

A Vietnam veteran in Florida reportedly must remove an American flag from his apartment window or management officials will take it down for him.

Carlisle Vereen, of Daytona Beach, told Central Florida News 13 that “patriotism” led him to tape the paper flag to the inside of his apartment window last Thanksgiving. No complaints were received at the time, he said.

Officials at Manatee Bay Apartments, however, recently issued a notice to a “dumbfounded” Vereen indicating that the flag needed to be removed from the window within 24 hours or “they will be disposed of by Management,” reports.

The notice indicates that no signs are allowed on doors or windows. At least two of Vereen’s neighbors also display flags in their apartments, but neither told that they have received notices to remove them.

Vereen, who could not be reached for comment on Friday, said he’s hired an attorney and will dispute the order.

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4 thoughts on “Vietnam Veteran in Florida Reportedly Told to Remove U.S. Flag

  1. Your right on the above Claymore. That Vietnam veteran was given the shaft by the R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association and the national CVMA did nothing to fix the problem. They even got on R.I. CVMA’S bandwagon with spreading BSand false accusations in order to reject the Vietnam combat veterans membership. We been through all this long ago and it don’t mean a thing but it is far from over. There it is ! The morons will probably blame the Vietnam vet or somebody else for posting this.

  2. Word has it this VNam combat vet who was not let in the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assn. was not the first authentic combat vet who had a problem with some of the state reps remote control BOD and especially this power hungry state rep. Last fall a Gulf War combat vet was ran out of the chapter . Presently they have taken away a BOD position from another VNam combat vet. All earned a combat infantrman badge and all in less than a year. On top of this the state rep and his flunkies put out a disabled vet who is pretty ill because he stood up with the VNam combat vet and he was going to expose the commander about talking about a problem between a member of the R.I. CVMA and someone in a MC which should of been brought up but he was put out of this chapter before he could speak by this state rep. The two people who run the R.I. CVMA is the state rep and a honorary member who is not even a veteran who is a little more than cozy with the state rep if you get the drift. There is a BOD member in the R.I. CVMA who wears a combat badge that never earned it and this rodent likes to go around gossiping and judging others. They may steal valor in the R.I. CVMA but they have no honor and the word is out on them.

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