Hero of the Week: Patti Patton-Bader

Before Soldier’s Angels had hundreds of thousands of die hard volunteers committed to serving our troops overseas. Before the organization had a warehouse and an all volunteer board to administer the organization. Before anyone here at Ranger Up had ever heard of it or the organization’s deep commitment to our troops overseas, it was Patti Patton-Bader being a loving Mom.

Her eldest son, an Army Staff Sergeant at the time, went overseas in service to our great nation and wrote back home telling her that some of the guys in his artillery battery didn’t have anyone writing them or sending them care packages. If you’ve been overseas, you know how common a story that is. How many of your brothers and sisters don’t have someone back on the home front reminding them they’re loved and how thankful they are for their service, there’s just… nothing.

This didn’t sit well with Patti, at all. So our hero did what people of action do, she got some friends and family together, got the names of the guys who weren’t getting any mail, and started writing and sending this nation’s soldiers care packages.

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Thank you, Patti, for the wonderful work you and your group does! Our soldiers deserve the very best.