Flags Vandalized on Memorial Day

Vandalized Flag

From Oregon to Minnesota to Ohio, vandals trampled on Old Glory over the Memorial Day weekend. In one Ohio town alone, approximately 25 American flags were found set ablaze on Monday.

At least one national veterans group called for those responsible for the “shocking and reprehensible” acts of vandalism to be quickly arrested and prosecuted.


Talk about disrespect of the highest order to the folks that have allowed us to enjoy our freedoms. I don’t know what to say, I just don’t understand.

2 thoughts on “Flags Vandalized on Memorial Day

  1. I think as follows:

    The actions (vandalizing the flag) do not say anything about those who serve or served. The actions only say something about those who acted as they did to vandalize the flag.

  2. Correct. It just showed that the low-lifes that vandalized the veteran’s flags have no concept of what the flag means to a soldier.

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