Broken Laptop

I finally found time to get out and try out my Marlin Model 60 after installing the Tech Sights. Wow, what an improvement the peep style sights are over the ramp style sights! Surprisingly, the Tech Sights were dead on accurate and did not need any adjusting whatsoever.

The following picture shows my first fifteen shots using the Tech Sights on the Marlin Model 60.

First 15 Shots -- Marlin Model 60 w/ Tech Sights

Distance from shooter to target was about 60 feet. There are only 8 holes but I fired 15 and did not miss with any shot. Many went in the same holes!! I was not bench rested, just standing. I have a sling mounted on the Marlin Model 60, but did not use it to steady my aim. I shot fairly rapid fire (less than 30 seconds for the entire 15 rounds) and did not worry about my breathing. Had I done some of these things, I’m certain my grouping would have been much tighter yet still.

After test-firing the Marlin Model 60 on a broken laptop screen, we decided to get in to the main event of the day: a 10 year old Compaq laptop that no longer worked. It would cost much more than it was worth to repair the laptop, so we decided to shoot it instead. A friend recently purchased a DPMS Panther 308, and fired his first round from the new gun at the Compaq. Distance from shooter(s) to target was 60 feet.

We mostly utilized the Marlin (22LR) and DPMS (308) rifles, but there were 10 rounds of 22LR from a Ruger MkIII, 7 rounds of 9mm from a Kel-Tec PF-9, 26 rounds of 45ACP from a Springfield XD, and 30 rounds of 5.56mm from an AR-15 employed against the Compaq during the course of the shooting. I am especially proud of making the hard drive dance with the Marlin Model 60 around 6:17 – 6:30.

I did not realize that my camera turned off after 8 and a half minutes. Next time I’ll know better and turn it back on again, as we shot at the Compaq for another 20 – 30 minutes. Full 720p DVD resolution view of the video can be seen at the link below (I had to shrink down the YouTube player to fit here).

Marshall, towards the end of the video clip — right before the camera turned itself off — we were talking about your article…

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