Tactical VW

Tactical VW

I know two people that drive VW Golf’s that would absolutely love to have this configuration on their VW’s. Hell, I’d love to have a machine gun mounted in the back of my truck. Not sure what the caliber is on the roof mounted gun. I hope that the radio controls on the steering wheel have been re-purposed to fire the gun.

This VW doesn’t have quite the look of the Knight XV, but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to take it out for a spin and put some lead down range while driving. Probably a lot cheaper than the Knight XV as well, plus it’s got a roof mounted gun! I bet Uncle’s Tactical Car doesn’t have a roof mounted gun on it either.

EDIT: Thanks to Jay for proper vehicle identification.

5 thoughts on “Tactical VW

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  2. C’mon, let’s review the 5 Ws:

    Who (who owns this? what country?)

    What (what is this vehicle’s job? function?)





    Please provide details…

  3. I’d like to find out those details myself. A friend passed me the image, and he got it from a blog that posted some wacky car pictures. I don’t have any further details on this one. Wish I did though.

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