Should the American Flag Be Banned — in America?

Do you find the following image offensive, or disturbing in any way?

American Flag

Should the display of an American flag be banned, even if a school administrator feels that display could lead to fights? Well, according to a FOX News poll, an overwhelming majority of those polled think so. At the writing of this post, 66.3% of the 867,664 people polled (575,261 people) said that yes it should be banned.

American Flag Poll Results

I have to ask that 66.3%: What the hell is wrong with you? This is America! If you find our country’s flag offensive, disturbing, or distracting in any way, then go somewhere else where you can appreciate that country’s flag and what it stands for.

Me? I’m proud of my country, and what our flag stands for. Think of all those in the military who have fought and died, not only to defend our way of life, but for the symbolism of our flag. I’m proud to wear the flag. One of my favorites right now is the Unapologetically American shirt from Ranger Up.

Unapologetically American

Just a little quote from Ranger Up’s Unapologetically American page:
America is awesome. We’re not perfect. We’re a little cocky. We spend a little too much money. Our politicians are assclowns who just as easily could be replaced with drunken monkeys making decisions by throwing darts at the “Wheel of Policy”. On the whole though, in the history of mankind there has been no country that has been a greater force of good. There has been no country that has devoted so much time, people, and treasure to fighting for a world that is free of tyranny – one that gives every man, woman, and a child a say in how the story of their lives will unfurl.

A lot of people out there would read this passage and mock it…and those people will really hate it when you wear this shirt.

God Bless America.

One thought on “Should the American Flag Be Banned — in America?

  1. I was actually very shocked about the Fox News Blog. It is an insult to all Americans! It has been the American symbol for over 200 years. It says we are united, it says that we are STRONG and that we pull together not tear each other down. I realize that some have forgotten this and, that it is not taught in school now. This, my friends, is a horrible mistake and a tragedy. To think that there could be a danger to children by flying our national symbol is ridiculous! Let’s teach our children the meaning and respect for our Flag. We need to put the “Pledge of Allegiance” back in our schools. We would not have to worry about children fighting about the flag if they were taught about it and for our foreign friends, if you want to live in America, America has no problem with it we only request that it be done legally. Coming to American is a gaining of freedom, speech and worship. If our country is the one you want to live in then live in it as an AMERICAN.

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