Calderon urges Congress to reinstate ban on assault weapons

Mexican President Felipe Calderon asked members of the U.S. Congress on Thursday to reinstate a ban on assault weapons to help clamp down on violence in both Mexico and the United States.

During his speech Thursday to Congress, Calderon said the challenge to Mexican security has “roots on both sides of the border,” including the high demand for drugs in the United States.

Tackling other politically sensitive issues such as immigration, the Mexican leader said, “I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona. It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree” but also introduces the “terrible idea” that racial profiling is acceptable.


Why is the president of Mexico telling us how to run our country?

In America, true assault weapons are either illegal or require extensive taxes and/or background checks — so banning ‘so called’ assault weapons like semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles would only hurt law abiding citizens. Most of the weapons used by the gangs and drug runners in Mexico do not come from the USA.

Mr. Calderon should read his own country’s constitution to see how illegal immigrants are treated in Mexico. Then he’d probably be singing a different tune about how harsh Arizona’s laws are. More than likely, he hasn’t read the AZ law (just like the rest of the folks in the Obama administration that are bashing it). The new Arizona law mirrors federal law, which already requires aliens (non-citizens) to register and carry their documents with them (US Code, Title 8, Section 1304(e) and US Code, Title 8, Section 1306(a)). The new Arizona law simply states that violating federal immigration law is now a state crime as well. Because illegal immigrants are by definition in violation of federal immigration laws, they can now be arrested by local law enforcement in Arizona.

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