Austin Gun Buyback

The Austin Police department is prepared to offer coupons for groceries in exchange for guns. In partnership with the Greater Austin Crime Commission and Guns4Groceries, the first “no questions asked” gun buyback in central Texas will be held on June 5, 2010. The Guns4Groceries group has organized similar programs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Philadelphia.

The going rates are as follows:

  • $10: BB gun / Air gun / Replica
  • $100: Handgun / Rifle
  • $200: Assault Rifle

Gun buyback programs are a joke. If someone really wanted to sell a gun, they could get much more for it at a gun show or a pawn shop. A fair number of the guns are probably going to be stolen. And what happens to the guns that are turned in? Most likely they will be destroyed, but I’m sure a few gems will find their way into personal gun safes — unofficially, of course. Doubtful if any attempt to locate any of the original owners of stolen guns will be made.

You can contact the Austin Police department and the Greater Austin Crime Commission at the addresses below to express your discontent.

6 thoughts on “Austin Gun Buyback

  1. Tempted to drive down to Austin with a Lorcin .380 that I was given.

    $100 bucks for it would be a good bargain and I could put it to a better pistol

  2. I’m in Fort Worth — way not worth my time and energy to head to Austin.

    But never fear, the infection has spread and I’m sure Dallas will have a buy back.

    I was only barely tempted to sell it. I’ll wait for the Alien Invasion and then sell it for some food or other needed supplies.

  3. Yes…. because it’s always a good ‘freedom’ idea for the government to use taxpayer money to get you to voluntarily turn in your guns. Hillary’s UN small arms treaty will attempt to supersede God given rights.

  4. I have an old .22 revolver which is only worth about $60 and a 410 thats in poor shape that one in good condition at a gun show runs about 80 bucks so I may go and make a profit.

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