Tactical VW

Tactical VW

I know two people that drive VW Golf’s that would absolutely love to have this configuration on their VW’s. Hell, I’d love to have a machine gun mounted in the back of my truck. Not sure what the caliber is on the roof mounted gun. I hope that the radio controls on the steering wheel have been re-purposed to fire the gun.

This VW doesn’t have quite the look of the Knight XV, but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to take it out for a spin and put some lead down range while driving. Probably a lot cheaper than the Knight XV as well, plus it’s got a roof mounted gun! I bet Uncle’s Tactical Car doesn’t have a roof mounted gun on it either.

EDIT: Thanks to Jay for proper vehicle identification.

Wisconsin Veteran Must Remove Flag After Memorial Day

An Army veteran in Wisconsin will be allowed to display an American flag until Memorial Day, but the symbol honoring his service in Iraq and Kosovo must come down next Tuesday.

Dawn Price, 27, of Oshkosh, Wis., said she received a call from officials at Midwest Realty Management early Wednesday indicating that she and her husband, Charlie, would be allowed to continue flying the American flag they’ve had in their window for months through the holiday weekend. The couple had previously been told they had to remove the flag by Saturday or face eviction due to a company policy that bans the display of flags, banners and political or religious materials.


Give the folks at Midwest Realty Management a call or write them a letter (no email on file). How dare they tell a military veteran he cannot hang a flag!

Midwest Realty Management
2990 Universal Street
Oshkosh, WI 54904-5903
(920) 426-2001

Austin Gun Buyback

The Austin Police department is prepared to offer coupons for groceries in exchange for guns. In partnership with the Greater Austin Crime Commission and Guns4Groceries, the first “no questions asked” gun buyback in central Texas will be held on June 5, 2010. The Guns4Groceries group has organized similar programs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Philadelphia.

The going rates are as follows:

  • $10: BB gun / Air gun / Replica
  • $100: Handgun / Rifle
  • $200: Assault Rifle

Gun buyback programs are a joke. If someone really wanted to sell a gun, they could get much more for it at a gun show or a pawn shop. A fair number of the guns are probably going to be stolen. And what happens to the guns that are turned in? Most likely they will be destroyed, but I’m sure a few gems will find their way into personal gun safes — unofficially, of course. Doubtful if any attempt to locate any of the original owners of stolen guns will be made.

You can contact the Austin Police department and the Greater Austin Crime Commission at the addresses below to express your discontent.