Zombie Osama

On Smoking Gunpowder Day, I brought out one of the Zombie Targets. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it. The majority of the shooting was in the 10 – 15 yard range, but we did some up close (7 yard) and farther back (25 yard) shooting at the zombie.

A variety of pistols, ranging from .22LR, .380ACP, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP were fired at the target, in addition to some .22LR rifles. The tiny holes in the target are from a few shotgun blasts at 25 yards.

Filthy zombie got what was coming to him

3 rounds of .45ACP to the crotch can't be good for anyone

Not sure if his AK will still fire or not...

Taking care of the chest hair

Is he dead yet?

I’ve still got 9 more of the Zombie Targets… just need more hours in the day so I can get out and shoot them.

Consider me a satisfied customer.