To safe, or not to safe. That is the question…

Chris over at Arma Borealis poses some questions to think about when securing your firearms.

Personally, I have a safe. It’s indoors, bolted to the floor, out of sight, and in a location that would prevent it from being pried open. All my guns are in there except my carry gun. And the carry gun is put on when I wake up and taken off when I go to bed.

I didn’t really worry about a gun safe until my son was born. At that time I decided that it was to put the guns in the safe, since before long he’d be in to anything and everything. I’ll teach him about guns and make sure that he knows that he can see them any time he wants just by asking me. I think by doing those two things, it will take out the ‘forbidden mystery’ factor and he’ll learn to respect the guns.

2 thoughts on “To safe, or not to safe. That is the question…

  1. I don’t have kids yet myself, but I agree that it seems like gun-proofing the kid may be better in the long run then child-proofing the guns. At least once the kid is old enough to understand and be safe…

    Still, even little kids can learn the NRA “Eddie Eagle” rules, and a layered defense is likely best (safe + eddie eagle = better than either alone).

    Chris from AK

  2. Exactly. He just turned 1 on April 1st, so I’ve got a little bit of time yet, but I want to find out some more information about the “Eddie Eagle” courses for him.

    I’m looking to attend an Appleseed event in the next 12 months, and depending on how that turns out, I will be taking him to one when he’s old enough.

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