Swakane Canyon

Another great shooting location just outside of Cashmere, Washington.

Swakane Canyon

There really is something to be said for shooting in the great outdoors. You get to enjoy the sunshine, the scenery, and the fresh air. You’re not surrounded by other shooters at the firing line.

.22LR plinking

Targets for the day were mostly coke cans and clays set up on a pile of dead logs.

Family Photo

Just to show that the day wasn’t all about guns, there was a really neat butterfly I managed to capture. It was very large, easily the size of my outstretched hand.


To be honest, I have to disclose that my uncle did take a shot at the butterfly with his Thompson Contender (single shot, chambered in 30-30 Winchester). His model has a scope, but I don’t have a good picture of it. Lucky for the butterfly, he missed.

Thompson Contender

2 thoughts on “Swakane Canyon

  1. A simply beautiful location.

    And… Am I the only one who cringes a bit when I see a group of people shooting like this – but no sign of eye protection? There are ear plugs in use: Take care of your eyes, too!

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