No Excuse

Prosecutors say a Queens man yelled “toughen up” while fatally punching his crying 7-month-old son in the chest.  Larry Greene was arraigned Wednesday on a second-degree murder charge. He could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted. Prosecutors also say Greene believed the baby preferred his mother. Laquana Greene says her brother is “a good person” who could not commit such a crime. The baby, named Xiah, died Tuesday night. The medical examiner said he also had bruises on his head and neck. District Attorney Richard A. Brown says it’s the ninth time in five months that a family member or babysitter has been accused of killing or severely injuring a child in Queens. Brown says there is “no excuse” for such “senseless attacks.”


As a father, crap like this just makes my blood boil.  Yelling “toughen up” and then putting a bullet to the back of Larry’s head would be too kind in my opinion. Even if it were a frangible bullet that caused most of his face to explode violently outwards. Yep, even that would be too kind.