Census to delay Right-to-Carry background checks

If you are applying for a Texas Concealed Handgun License — make sure that all your paperwork is filled out completely, that your fingerprints are free from smudges, and that your passport photos are not grainy. Just some tips from when I submitted my paperwork last year. Be sure to submit your paperwork as early as you can to avoid any extra delays.

Certain fingerprint based criminal history background checks for non criminal justice purposes processed by the Texas DPS that require a check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be delayed in late April and early May to accommodate background checks of an estimated 484,000 U.S. Census employees being hired by the federal government. The FBI has said that fingerprints submitted for criminal justice purposes between April 28 and May 3, such as confirming the identity of an arrested person, will not be affected, but other civil background checks for employment and concealed handgun licenses will be affected across the United States.


6 thoughts on “Census to delay Right-to-Carry background checks

  1. Is there such a thing as a “non-concealed firearms permit”?

    What exactly can and can’t you do with a gun? (Besides shooting people, I believe that one is generally a no-no)

    Referred here from the Black library bolthole by the way. Good of you to put up a link 🙂

  2. No such thing as a ‘non-concealed firearms permit’ at least here in Texas. We’re really limited in Texas with the CHL permits — many states allow you to openly carry your guns, but not so in Texas.

    As for what can and can’t I do with it? Well I carry mine for self defense. I hope I never have to use it, and if that’s the case well so be it. I would much rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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