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While not technically in honor of Buy A Gun Day (I found out about BAGD afterwards), I purchased a Marlin Model 60.  I intend to use this rifle for an Appleseed event, general plinking, and as a trainer for my son when he gets old enough.  I had an opportunity to fire the Marlin 60 last weekend and found it to be very accurate and pleasant to shoot with the factory sights.

I replaced the factory sights with GI aperture sights, similar to those of the M-1, M-14, or M-16 rifles.  The Tech Sights were extremely easy to install.  I have a USGI web sling, but am still waiting for the sling mounts to arrive in the mail.  Once all the parts are in and installed, I doubt I’ll do anything else to this rifle.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures and offer a full range report in the near future.

Marlin Model 60

22 Long Rifle

14-shot tubular magazine


Side ejection
Manual and automatic “last-shot” bolt hold-opens
Receiver top has serrrated, non-glare finish
Cross-bolt safety
Steel charging handle

Monte Carlo walnut-finished laminated hardwood
Full pistol grip
Mar-Shield® finish

19″ with Micro-Groove rifling (16 grooves)

Twist Rate
1:16″ right hand

Adjustable open rear, ramp front sight
Receiver grooved for scope mount

Overall Length

5.5 lbs.

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9 thoughts on “Buy A Gun Day

  1. Aaron,

    I picked up a Marlin Model 60 for a late christmas present but with one thing or another it hasn’t made it to the range yet.

    I’ve barely had it out of the boxes.

    Mind if I ask what you did to get it range ready, if anything?

  2. Thanks Aaron,

    Looking at it and reading up on it, I didn’t see much more that needed to be done.

    Now with the Mossberg and the Marlin, I can alternate range trips between handgun and long guns.

    Might be able to make that expensive .45ACP last a little longer.

  3. .380 is hard to get everywhere. My main carry gun is a Bersa .380 thunder. H/T to Breda

  4. I also have a Bersa Thunder 380 and love that gun. I haven’t shot it much in the last 12 months due to the ammo shortage. I had a bulk order (500 rounds) with Cabelas that took 10 months for them to fill, believe it or not! I carried the Bersa for five weeks while the PF-9 was in the shop and it’s workable, but nowhere near as light as the PF-9. The Bersa is by far the better shooter though.

  5. Looks like lots of fun. Enjoy Appleseed! It is a great program. I’m anxious to go to another one. I used a Ruger 10/22 with the tech siights.

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