Gunvault Nano Vault

When I went to the post office and voted in the same day — some of the few places that the state of Texas and federal government prohibit me from carrying a gun — I decided it was time I was able to properly secure it when not on me.   Tucking it under the seat and locking the door may be fine, but I wanted something a little more secure, just in case.

I saw an advertisement about Gunvault’s Nano Vault line some months back and decided to take the plunge now that they are available for purchase.

Front packaging

Rear Packaging

For my purposes, I selected the Nano Vault 100 (the smallest of the three Nano Vault offerings), which measures in at 8.2″ long, 6″ wide, and 1.75″ thick. It is solidly constructed from 21 gauge steel and heavier than it looks.

Open view

Open detail 1

Open detail 2

The Nano Vault 100 easily holds my Kel-Tec PF-9 with plenty of room to spare.

Closed view

The included 1,500 pound test security cable ensures that when locked up, the gun will stay put.  Now whenever I go somewhere that prohibits guns I can rest assured that it won’t fall into the wrong hands.


4 thoughts on “Gunvault Nano Vault

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  2. I had a Nano with a combo lock. It had all kinds of problems. I replaced it with the key style (like the one in your images) and it’s been problem free. Last week I purchased a GunVault Mini so I could open it without having to use a key (my original intent when I bought the Nano). It was easy to set up and fits nicely beneath my 2002 CR-V driver’s seat (facing the back of the car). I secure the gun whenever I know I’m going to go somewhere that has 30.06 posted (etc).

    Don Montalvo
    Coppell, TX

  3. I have both a Nano Vault 100 (key) and Nano Vault 300 (combo) — one for my truck, one for the wife’s truck. Neither of mine have given me any problems.

  4. The GunVault site is vague on the models, your pics give a great view of what you are getting and the size. Thanks!

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