Computer Work

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the go-to guy for everyone I know when it comes to computer problems. Mom’s six year old computer began having problems at least a year ago. Strange file corruptions, intermittent restarts, loss of data, extremely slow network performance, etc… During boot up, there were warnings that the primary hard disk was failing and should be replaced ASAP. I booted from CD and backed up as much as I could at that time, and then gracefully powered down until I could get some time to recover the data that did not copy over while booting from CD.

I spent about two hours with the computer, but was unable to recover any additional information than before. In fact, the computer is now in worse shape than before and will not even power on anymore.

I tried my tools in the 22LR, 380ACP and 9mm variety but no luck.

Part way through the repair process

After repair session

Inside view

I asked mom what she wanted to do for Mother’s Day last year and she told me she wanted to go shooting with me.  So we took her old junker of a computer and released some pent-up frustration on it. We were about 30 feet from the target, and I was able to get some pretty good groupings. She had a great time. The trigger on the S&W Sigma 9mm was a little stiff for her liking — she could fire it just fine — but she preferred the Bersa Thunder 380 by far.

So remember mom this year (May 9th), and consider asking her if she’d like to go to the range with you. Her answer may surprise you.