25 Meter Zeroing Targets

Targets to zero in your AR rifle. The targets simulate a 300 meter target, scaled to size. Place target out at 25 meters, and fire three rounds, adjusting iron sights as needed after every three rounds until all three rounds fall within the circle in the center of the target. Click on the image to get a pdf target.

M4 Carbine 25m Zeroing Target

M16A2 25m Zeroing Target

DPMS posted the following instructional video to Youtube

5 thoughts on “25 Meter Zeroing Targets

  1. I have been using an ACOG since 2005 in Iraq. I have just went to an EOTEC. Do hold my dot center mass to z my rifle in?

  2. joe, yes you do. unlike the acog, where you would normally tip of the triangle. the eotec is center mass, just like the 68 (cco) or center of a scope, center mass.

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  4. UMMMMMM…with the ACOG you line up the “lollipop” stick for the 300 at 25m zero. this ensures the BDC is actually lined up!!!

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