Still breaking in the Kel-Tec PF-9

Put another 100 rounds through the PF-9 (for a total of 230). This was the first time shooting it with the Hogue Handall Jr grip sleeve. I’m still having a few issues with trigger discipline, which is causing my shots to veer to the left. I think it’s a combination of gripping the pistol too tightly, slapping the trigger a bit, and holding the pistol too high on the grips. Something to work on, a goal to achieve I suppose.

Here is one target. There are just a little over 50 rounds through this target (52 I think). The distance to the target was 7 yards, and the diameter of the outermost ring on the target is 12 inches.

Pocket Pal from Concealment Concepts seems to fit the PF-9 better than my Desantis Nemesis (after some modifications), and has the added benefit of an extra magazine slot.  I wish that both of them were closed on the bottom rather than open, though.  I may attempt to make my own pocket holster based on this design by JF Ridgeway.