Huron Valley Schools To Tackle Open Carry Issue

Turns out anyone with proper licensing and permits can carry a gun into a public school building, and officials with Huron Valley Schools are feeling concerned.

“We had a parent who very eloquently came to the district and expressed his intent to open carry in a couple of our school buildings,” said HVS School Board Trustee Jeff Long at an Oct. 20 board dialogue meeting.

Long said he intends to research the issue and write a resolution prohibiting open carry of weapons on school properties. “While I have no objections to the rights of open carry, I don’t see a need for a parent to open carry a weapon in any of our buildings.”

Superintendent Jim Baker declined to identify the parent, but said the man, who is properly licensed, has in fact, open carried a weapon in two of the district’s buildings — those his children attend — after hours, when most students had gone home.

While there’s no state law that specifically states citizens can open carry firearms, there’s is no state law that expressly prohibits it, either, except in certain places.

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Lessons On Carrying

Joshua Nelson is a 2nd Lt. in the West Virginia Air National Guard and a licensed concealed firearm carrier. Earlier this year, he and his family were on a regular shopping trip to the Del Rio, Texas Walmart store to buy some items for an upcoming trip to the lake. All of the sudden, he heard a woman screaming, “Stop, put it down!”

When he heard the woman in distress, he found her and saw what he described as a “pretty large man” holding a big fish fillet knife to her stomach.

As licensed concealed carriers, Nelson says he and his wife carry everywhere they can while they are off the military base. However, his immediate reaction was not to draw his gun. First, he had his wife take their kids to the front of the store and call the police. He said that his first concern was about his family. As soon as he realized what was happening, he felt it was his duty to do what he could to help the woman.

If you read nothing else today, read the rest of this article. Mr. Nelson shows the correct way to handle things. I salute you sir.

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