Texas Senate Approves Reduction Of CHL Fees

The Texas Senate has approved a bill sharply reducing gun license fees.

Jacksonville Republican Sen. Robert Nichols originally sought to scrap the full $140 fee for first-time licenses and the $70 charge for 5-year license renewals. But doing so would have cost Texas $55-plus million during a two-year state budget cycle.

Instead, Nichols proposed reducing the first-time and renewal fee to $40 each.

That means the bill will cost Texas about $15 million annually. It passed 26-5 Monday, and heads to the state House.

Gun advocates say Texas’ current fees are among America’s highest, and senators said classes in Houston and elsewhere have begun offering instruction needed to obtain Florida gun licenses. That’s because that state has lower fees, and Texas has a reciprocal agreement recognizing gun permits issued there.

Source: http://www.thestate.com/news/business/national-business/article141073198.html

Survival When Using Gun To Hunt

There is no doubt that hunting can be an exciting sporting event provided you are prepared for the occasion. There are quite a few things which need to be in place when you are going for hunting.

The things which you should have would depend on the type of hunting you are indulging. You could, for instance, start early in the day and pack off and come back home in the evening. On the other side of the spectrum, you could camp in a location for a few days and engage in hunting.

However, in most cases when you are going in for hunting there are a few things that are considered important and vital. Having a right gun is perhaps one of the most preliminary things when it comes to being prepared for the right hunting expedition. In most cases you will be using a rifle when it comes to hunting.

Which Rifle To Choose

The first task is to choose the right rifle after taking into account the kind of hunting that you are planning for. In fact it would not be a bad idea to first choose the cartridge first and then the rifle. When it comes to choosing the right cartridge, the action style has an important and big role to play.

It could either be a bolt action, semiautomatic action, lever action or pump action. Each one has its own unique features and specialties and the prey which you plan to hunt should determine the kind of cartridge that you are planning to choose for your rifle.

The Kind Of Finish

The kind of finish for your rifle is also an important point which should be kept in mind. The finishing on the gun has an important role to play and there are quite a few options to choose from. It could be bluing. This is basically a chemical treatment which inhibits rust formation.

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Stainless steel is another material that is chosen as the material for the rifle. It is expensive than bluing but is more rugged and long lasting. You could also choose Parkerizing as a finishing which again is a chemical treatment which prevents rust and reduces wear and tear of the sliding pieces.

Taking Care Of The Gun

When you are on hunting you certainly must be sure that your gun is always in the best of working condition. You cannot afford to be complacent in this aspect. There are many ways by which you can take care of your rifle.

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You may have to learn how to use a bore snake. This is basically a commonly used cloth like material which could come in handy when you are cleaning a rifle or a gun in a hunting situation. You cannot afford not to have the best of cleaning apparatuses when you are in a desolate place and hence these cleaning apparatuses could come in very handy.

Understanding The Basics Of Cleaning

Apart from ensuring that the best of rifle cleaning gadgets and accessories are available, there also is the need to have the right knowledge of cleaning. For example, you may have to have a reasonably clear understanding of bore snakes vs. cleaning rods and other such things.

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This will allow you to get back your guns back in action even if they are clogged or blocked.

How To Avoid Unwanted Accidents

There also is the need to find out ways and means by which you could avoid unwanted accidents with hunting guns. There are quite a few ways by which accidents can take place. It could be due to judgment mistakes.

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You could mistake a person for a game and this is one of the basic survival tips you must keep in mind. Being excited while hunting is fine but not being able to see beyond the obvious is something which could cost heavily and therefore must be avoided at all times.

You must also try and follow the basic firearms safety rules when hunting. There are four basic rules pertaining to firearms safety which must be adhered to under all circumstances. Further using the guns and rifles without adequate practice is something which could be extremely risky not only for you as a hunter but for the team as a whole.

In a wild life situation, when you are encountering a wild beast which is out to kill, you cannot except to have butter fingers or weak knees. You must be sure about what you are doing because you may never get a second chance.

Avoid Mechanical Failures

The next important task is to ensure that you avoid mechanical failure which is an important survival guide while you are hunting with the help of guns. As mentioned earlier right cleaning techniques and use of the right accessories and devices for cleaning could go a long way in reducing the instances of mechanical failure.